Pryon Safety Series: What are Mark and Sarah working on?

As we continue our series about workplace safety, we revisit our webinar with Sarah Chambliss, Innovation and Transformation Project Manager for Georgia Pacific, and Mark Mitchell, CEO of Tulli for Field Tech Teams, where we discussed how technology is impacting workforce safety. The full webinar can be found here if you would like to watch it in its entirety.

Today’s question is one of the more popular questions that we asked. What are Mark’s and Sarah’s teams working on? It is always great to hear what other organizations are doing and learn why they are doing it. And one of the great things about this section is that Pryon is part of the systems they are talking about. You can watch this this question below:

This might be a good time to talk a bit about Pryon and why we are such a great fit for field and shop floor safety initiatives. Pryon’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform gives enterprises the ability to provide answers to their employees. Questions that would normally require input from a safety supervisor can now be answered from the field or floor immediately by just asking the question.

Imagine a scenario where a gauge is showing that there is increasing pressure. There might be a variety of possible actions from an employee to avoid an unwanted outcome. However, time is important. The gauge is indicating the pressure is rising. Finding the correct person to ask is not always easy or expedient. Does the worker guess, evacuate or ignore it? None of those sound like the right answer.

With Pryon, the worker has an app to directly ask what they need to do when the gauge indicates that level of pressure. They could use either text or speech and receive an answer immediately, telling them what to do. And, best of all, this answer could have been curated and verified by the safety team, ensuring that of all the possible answers, the worker knows this is the one to use.

Our platform can be used as an API call and this is what Mark’s and Sarah’s teams are doing. They have added this NLP capability to the applications teams are using today, thus increasing adoption. This is improving safety and access to information where it is needed and when it is needed by the person who needs it.

Sarah and Mark do a great job of talking about what they are doing and the impact they expect it to have in workplace safety. I think you will enjoy hearing about their work and expectations.

Thanks to Sarah & Mark for their time.
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