Pryon Safety Series: What is driving change in workplace safety?

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a webinar with Sarah Chambliss, Innovation and Transformation Project Manager for Georgia Pacific, and Mark Mitchell, CEO of Tulli for Field Tech Teams, where we discussed how technology is impacting workforce safety. The full webinar can be found here if you would like to watch it in its entirety.

However, I think breaking out the individual questions we asked Sarah and Mark will give us a chance to discuss the questions in more detail. Today, we are going to start by identifying the change that is driving the focus on workplace safety and what role technology is playing in that. You can watch their answers below.

I really like how this question was answered. Mark starts by looking at the big picture and how the organizations are changing their behaviors. Safety is no longer a once per year training that checks a box. Instead, organizations know that to make an impact they need their transformation projects to include safety initiatives. Further, the goal is to change behaviors inside the workplace, emphasizing that safety plays a huge role in this effort.

Sarah then talks about two very real challenges being faced by organizations today: retiring employees and massive turnover. Sarah discusses the need to get in front of these challenges by using AI, noting that current processes of documentation are not solving the knowledge and experiential deficits that result when employees leave an organization. 

What I liked most was how Mark tied it together with his last comment, it is just good business. Retaining knowledge and building a sustainable way to create safer environments has a positive impact on the bottom line of a business.

I am going to enjoy breaking down each question and discussing them further. We hope you will join the conversation or reach out to us to discuss your initiatives and how AI and NLP are playing a part in them.

Thanks to Sarah & Mark for their time.
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