Impacting Workplace Safety with NLP – Pryon Webinar

Last week Pryon had the pleasure of hosting Sarah Chambliss, Innovation and Transformation PM from Georgia Pacific, and Mark Mitchell, CEO of Tulli for Field Tech Teams, as we discussed how technology and innovation are improving the safety of teams on the manufacturing floor and in the field. The conversation focused on what Mark’s and Sarah’s teams were building, the challenges they faced during implementation and their vision of the future of workplace safety. I enjoyed talking with these professionals and had three takeaways from the discussion.

The trust that is needed to implement a new safety practice, process or technology is significant and has to be earned by the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to make a change, it needs to be well thought out, thoroughly vetted and actively communicated to gain the trust of the teams that will be involved. 

Both Sarah and Mark shared their processes – when looking at the breadth of technology that is available, their first thoughts were what is best for the teams on the floor or in the field. User feedback before, during and after is key to implementing projects and getting the buy-in needed for sustained success.

Technologies like NLP can have big impacts on workplace safety, and it seems we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. The future is bright and these teams are working on making it happen, while ensuring they retain the trust of users across the organizations.

Thanks to Sarah & Mark for their time.
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