Pryon’s COO Jeff C. Frazier Named as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center

Frazier to help shape policy discussions and advance global technology adoption with a focus on AI and Machine Learning

Frazier to help shape policy discussions and advance global technology adoption with a focus on AI and Machine Learning

RALEIGH, N.C., July 15, 2020—Jeff C. Frazier, Chief Operating Officer of Pryon, an AI company focused on augmented intelligence for the enterprise, has been appointed Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the GeoTech Center, a newly formed initiative of the Atlantic Council that relies on thought leadership from multiple sectors. The Atlantic Council is a “do think” nonpartisan think tank that galvanizes global leadership and engagement in the world to shape solutions to emerging challenges. Frazier is a visionary leader with decades of achievement helping businesses, governments, and economies accelerate growth through technology.

“In my 30-year career in government and the international business community, I’m still driven by finding ways to use new technologies and data to help solve the most vexing problems,” said Frazier. “My work with Pryon to help achieve its vision of democratizing AI to augment human capabilities, enables me to expand the impact of AI through the GeoTech Center.”

Frazier joins a distinguished group of experts to advance the GeoTech Center’s mission—to champion positive paths forward that economies, nations, and societies can pursue to ensure new technologies and data empower people, increase prosperity, and secure peace. He will focus on three specific initiatives:

  1. Future of Data: Encouraging the use of “Data Trusts for Good” as a way to overcome the challenges of sufficient data to address global problems related to health, human achievement, and reduction of harm.
  2. Future of Trust:  Galvanizing activities to remedy the Global Food Crisis resulting from the global pandemic and the fast evolving global supply chain.
  3. Launching a Global Pandemic Prevention Board to field technologies necessary to autonomously detect and respond to future human-caused or natural pandemics.

Frazier also serves as Operating Partner at Digital Alpha Advisors, a prominently-backed private equity firm that invests in technology to accelerate international digital infrastructures, next-generation networks, and emerging cloud platforms. He is an active participant at the Aspen Institute, Eisenhower Fellowships, and the Global Initiative for Transnational and Organized Crime.

“Jeff Frazier is a strong addition to the Atlantic Council’s Geotech Center,” said Dr. David Bray, Director, GeoTech Center.  “There are few people whose decades of career and life experiences groom and qualify them for this type of role and to advance our important mission. We are excited to have him join our cadre of thought leaders to help us shape a global future.”

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